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How to View Post Statistics
How to View Post Statistics

Measure, track and view key statistics to further improve your job listing

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If you're looking to measure and track your job post results, it's not too late. Just follow these quick steps:

Step 1 — Go to Job Post page

On your Job Posts page, click on a recently opened Post

Step 2 — Click View Stats

On your Job Listing, click on a View Stats

Step 3 — View a Snapshot

On your Stats page, you can view a snapshot of key statistics to help you further improve your listing. The following information is viewable: 

  • How many people applied for your position

  • How many people viewed your position

  • How many people viewed your application (but never applied)

  • How your job compares to other jobs on ProductionBeast

  • View applicants per departments

  • View applicants per primary and secondary job role

  • View applicants per location

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