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How to Send a New Message
How to Send a New Message

Find out how to compose and send messages to crew on ProductionBeast.

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Step 1 — Go to your Messages page

On any page, click on Notifications icon in your navigation bar and click All Messages.


Step 2 — Click New Message

On your Messages page, click the New Message button.


Step 3 — Compose your Message

In the Message form, enter the following information:

  • From: Select the Profile or Company Profile to send this message from

  • To: Search the production crew member to message

  • Subject: Give your message a subject line

  • Note: This is where you'll be composing your message. Formatting options are available, such as bold, italics, bullets, and underline.

You can also optionally attach a file to further add resources to your message. After completing your message, click Send Message.

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