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How to Create a New Job Post
How to Create a New Job Post

Learn how to create and publish job listings in your account.

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Effortlessly create, edit and manage your job listing by following the steps below:


Step 1 — Go to your Job Builder

On any page, click on Post a Job in the navigation bar.


Step 2 — Add Job Description

On the Job Description step, add a job post title, job role you're seeking, and additional details. Then click Next.


Step 3 — Add Location, Date & Rate

On the Location, Date & Rate step, add the location, job date, and rate information. Then click Next.


Step 4 — Enter Company Information

On the Company Information step, make your company name visible or post anonymously, enter an outbound email address to receive notifications, and email settings. Then click Next.


Step 5 — Publish your Job

Upon satisfaction of your job post, click Publish Post.

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