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How to Edit Existing Jobs
How to Edit Existing Jobs

Find out how to manage existing job posts on ProductionBeast.

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You can easily update any job postings with just a few clicks, just follow these steps:


Step 1 — Go to your Jobs page

On any page, hover over My Jobs in the navigation bar, and click All My Jobs. Then, click on the Job title.


Step 2 — Edit Job Post

On your Job Listing page, you can edit attributes of your job post. Then click Edit Job Post.


Step 3 — Update Information & Save

On the Job Builder page, make the necessary changes, then click Save.


How to Open and Close a Job Post

First, go to your Job Post page. If your post is published, it will be set to Open by default. To close your job, click Close Job. To open your job, click Open Job.

Note: When you close a job, those you invited can no longer apply.

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